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Make your own personal Valentine First line:

Second line:

Third line:

Now click on the 'Create Valentine' button to display your new Valentine above.

Make any changes to get it just right.

You may click the url in white below for a preview of what will be sent without the creation scaffolding. Then back arrow to come back here to mail your card.

Now you're ready to send your Valentine. You can use either of two ways.

1. Copy and paste the url below into an email or text to your sweetie. This is the best way. Q'tZ mail may go to their spam folder.

2. Or Fill out the form below and Q'tZ will mail it for you.

Caution Windows Live Mail sees this email as spam and may not even put it in the Junk Email folder.

eMail the Valentine you created.

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Their name:

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Url just leave this field like it is.

Nothing left but to click the 'eMail Valentine' to make your Honey oh so happy!

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