Move the cursor here and a message will emerge from the Crystal Ball
Welcome to Q'tZ - Fast, Fun and Free Java Animations for your web pages and your windows active desktop. ('Cutesy',although 'Cute Zed' makes sense in so many places.)
Talk balloons for a fun cursor over.
Whacky eyes to liven up any picture

Enjoy Animated Windows Wallpaper from Q'tZ on your own Desktop

Q'tZ wants to give you everything you'll need to animate the pictures on Your Web Pages. Feel free to use any of the animations we already made. Find out how easy it is to bring your pictures to life.
Fine tune the ready made ones or even create your own Get the Q'tZ files you need and  start having fun.
Some older animations I just have to show you
Check out the Original Q'tZ
and a couple from the prevous Q'tZ home bunnies and crater lake

I have a nice animation driver
and what I'd like is for people to have fun using it
Let me help you put Q'tZ on your web pages
e-mail Cutie at Q'tZ
and lets see what we can do.